To play Friends 3 Patti A23, first of all you have to open 3Patti Master Apk, after that you will get to see different games inside it, you have to click on the game you want to play, if you are playing that game for the first time, then that game You will download first, after that you can play.

After downloading, click back there, now that game will open. Inside all the games you have to put Real Money Bat, if you win that then you can Earn Real Cash.

What are the Precautions to be Taken While Playing 3 Patti A23?

Friends, whenever you are playing 3Patti Master, at that time, take special care that you do not do the same while playing the game which you liked inside it. The game in which you have more knowledge, the game in which you play well, play that game. If you do not know what to do inside this game, how to do it, then you are going to lose inside that game.

Second, never spend money in a rush while playing the game, if you are losing, keep it tied up and play after a while. Thirdly, if you are winning, then whenever you feel that it is enough, then even at that time you should stop the game because if you start losing once there, then you will continue to lose, that’s why sometimes Despite winning, there is caution in binding.

This thing is not only applicable to 3 Patti A23 but it is applicable to all other Real Cash Teen patti. People are earning millions because of Real Money Teen Patti. But for this you must have the skill to play it otherwise it can prove to be a double edged sword. Means it can make you crore husband as well as rod husband, because of this it should be played with passion.